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It is so much fun... I really enjoyed competing with people from other schools. I just want to keep learning more and more. Karate also helps me in regular school. I am also pretty good at sports because of this, and it is easy to sit and listen to the teacher. In Karate we call that self-control.

Kenya McVey
(Teens Class/Black Belt)

Ambra Karate Academy delivers personalized instruction that encourages me to push my limits, but allows me to develop at a pace that suits my abilities. I've trained with other instructors in the area, and I find that this school is the perfect combination of fitness, fun, training, and achievement. I recommend Ambra Karate Academy to anyone looking to learn martial arts.

Tod Daniels
(Adult Class/Brown Belt)

As a parent, I wanted my child to join a karate school to learn all the great things I heard they teach but after visiting most of the schools in my area I was unsure I would find a school that I wanted my child to attend. After a referral of a co-worker I visited Ambra Karate Academy and knew I finally found a school that seems to care as much for it's children as the parents do. That was really impressive! I would recommend to any parent without hesitation, to look into classes here before they make any decision where their children will attend karate.

Ellis Willsworth

In my 8th year of doing martial arts at Ambra Karate Academy, I don't have to go anywhere else to know that you'll never find better people, better instruction, and better lessons that come out of this amazing experience! I have learned about patience, respect, defense, leadership skills, control and much more at this school. Whenever I walk through the door I always feel like I walked into my own home with a loving family around me, and there for me, Mr. Ambra's devotion to the school and his students is stunning and moving. Karate effects me in and out of class. When I am at school or going through a hard time, I always tell myself "just do it for karate" and everything seems worthwhile then. There is nothing I wouldn't do for the school, my friends there, or for Mr. Ambra. Also, I do not ever see myself leaving the school. It hurts to actually think about it. If there was one place to go to, I would always suggest Ambra Karate Academy to any random stranger.

Erin Hirst
(Teens Class/2nd degree Black Belt)

Since joining the Ambra Karate family I have experienced the very best in martial arts training. Not only have I learned great skills, but the friends and memories I have created there will last a lifetime. The skills and techniques I have learned include self control, meditation, agility and the ability to go above and beyond my own expectation. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn real martial arts. This school is not just some other martial arts school, we learn real martial arts and practical skills for self-defense that would help us in a life altering situations. Mr. Ambra has been a great instructor, friend and above all mentor.

Sergio Ferraro
(Adult/Teens Class/Cho Dan Bo-Blue Belt)

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