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Achievement and Triumphs By: Michelle Stott | Ambra Karate Academy Blog

Achievement and Triumphs By: Michelle Stott

Achievement and Triumphs
By: Michelle Stott

When I first started karate at Ambra Karate Academy, I was in third grade. Now that I’m in high school, I realize how much karate has impacted my life. At first, I was really quiet and when I joined, I promised myself to at least make it to an orange belt. Over time, I made some friends (my best friends) and just never quit. Now I’m a black belt! At times, it got difficult, but I kept trying. I have to say, though, I’d still be back at the beginning if it weren’t for the patience Mr. Ambra and all the other people around me had.

Over six years at Ambra Karate has taught me so much more than just martial arts. I’ve learned self control, obedience, and common knowledge, but classes are never boring. Games like soccer and dodge ball aren’t just fun, they test our reaction time and coordination and build up endurance. The teens class is certainly tougher than the juniors class, but it’s nice to be challenged. There’s a little more (unintentional) pain, but it’s worth it. I could go on forever praising the teens class and everyone in it, even if they are a little rough.

Going to karate each week has meant so much to me. I can’t even describe the thrill of getting a new belt if you haven’t felt the pride before. You keep moving forward and push yourself because you know you have the strength and you don’t want to let anyone (or yourself for that matter) down. Working hard for something you desperately want, and then receiving it, is utterly amazing. The key is to never give up. If you think you can’t, you won’t because you won’t give it your all. You need to have the confidence in yourself. I was terrified the morning of my first black belt test, but I went and I worked through it. Sometimes, you have to deal with something you’re afraid of because if you don’t, you can miss out on loads of great things. In the end, I had to admit to myself I was worried over nothing. The same inspiring people I worked beside during class were still there to guide me.

Karate is just like any other sport, if you put in the effort, you can achieve a lot. I’ve come so much farther than I ever thought I would. I quit plenty of sports and activities when I was younger. They just weren’t for me. When kids who quit karate come back to visit, I realize just how long I’ve been there. I’ve seen plenty of people come and go, but the ones who stay, I find, happen to be the ones you can always rely on to help you out. Never once have they refused to lend a hand.

Getting this far took some work, but it was certainly worth it. Of course, practicing helped to remember anything new that I learned (I forget things easily). Ambra Karate has been my home away from home where I can always count on my extended family; it’s been a big part of my life. If I really wanted to give all the thanks people deserve (like my parents who actually pay for me to go) or talk about all my experiences and what I’ve learned over my six years year, this essay would go on forever.

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